Managing for a Timeshare Developer

Turned Developer Operations to Profitable
Goodmanagement was brought in to operate a resort for a small independent timeshare development company that had purchased a timeshare resort from a large development and sales company. In prior years the previous Developer had incurred annual losses approaching $1-million. Goodmanagement restructured the operation in a way that better served both the Developer and the timeshare owners. We focused to improve the performance and the accountability of the staff and we took a drastically different approach to rentals. Within two years the Developer achieved a six-figure operating profit and the annual assessments for the timeshare owners were at an amount comparable to the year prior to our engagement.

Established Postive Relationship with Resort Developer
Goodmanagement was hired to manage an Association at a large four-season resort that was an Association out of Developer Control and that was not managed by the Developer. To that Association’s detriment the prior management company had a caustic relationship with the Developer, who was still very actively developing and selling additional timeshare product in the resort. After being hired Goodmanagement convinced the Board of Directors that a positive relationship with the Developer would definitely be in their best interest. Sales to new timeshare owners in the resort’s other timeshare associations would bring with it more amenities for the owners at our managed Association to enjoy. Goodmanagement also identified several services that the Developer was providing to their other managed associations that they could perform for our managed Association at a cost way below what we were currently paying.